3 Things To Do This Summer With Your Great Baby

The 4th of July has come and gone which means we are officially in the full swing of summer! Between beach days, splash pads, and park visits – we’re certain that a great adventure awaits you this summer. With your babies stroller covered in our Greenery Collection, it’s time to make headway and explore more of the great outdoors!

Here are 3 quick and budget-friendly things you can do with your babe this summer!

  1. Color Scavenger Hunt: 
    • One of the most powerful ways to teach your kids about their colors and their surroundings is with a Color Scavenger Hunt. Take a box of Crayola markers and scribble each color on a blank piece of paper. From there, encourage your kids to find 1 thing in nature that matched the color on the paper.
  2. Pop-up Pool: 
    • You know those small, plastic pools you pass at Walmart? Don’t discount them! These pools often fall right under the $10.00 category and make for a great afternoon of fun in the sun! Regardless if you prefer to fill it up with water or white sand. A pop-up pool is a great way to get outside and play!
  3. Splash Pad: 
    1. Sometimes, the public pool can feel intimidating with a baby on your side. That’s why a splash pad makes for a great in between! A splash pad gives a kid the opportunity to experience waterpark fun without the hassle of the deep end!

Whatever your summer plans consist of – know this; the most impactful moments in our life are not determined by what we are doing but who we are doing it with. Momma’s we know summer can be hard but stay present, stay engaged, and make this time count.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” –Ecclesiastes 3:1

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