Congratulations! You’re about to have a boy. Or, maybe it’s a girl. Having fun with how you find out is one of our favorite things to do for you. We’ll help make that special moment one of the most endearing times in your life, whether it’s with family and friends or during a touching moment in the delivery room. We’ve been lucky enough to help our own friends and family with this joyful moment and we can’t wait to do it for you.

How It Works

We’re good at keeping secrets. This is how it all happens.

1. Pick the package you want from below

With three packages to choose from, each one comes with your style of blanket and headwear, with additional options available.

Package One

Blanket + Headwear

Headwear: Hat or Headband

(does include satin bow if requested)

Headware and Outfit come in same print as blanket.


Package Two

Blanket + Headwear + Outfit

Headwear: Hat or Headband
Outfit: Daygown or Outfit

Headware and Outfit come in same print as blanket.


Package Three

2 Blankets + Headwear
+ Outfit

2 Blanket Prints
1 hat or headband print
1 Daygown or Outfit Set

Headware and Outfit come in same print as blanket.



2. Purchase Your Package

Here you’ll add information for both a boy or a girl and we’ll make your items based on the results we know and the choices you made. Find the fabric print you like from our entire product selection. We’ll make your items and then ship them to you ready to be opened when the reveal moment arrives. So exciting!


3. Send us your ultrasound

Here’s how we find out the gender of your baby without you knowing anything! Your ultrasound photo will be returned to you in a card, inside your gift-wrapped packages. Please mail the results (again no peeking) to:


Mary Zimmer
A Great Baby
3 Millennium Drive
Cromwell, CT 06416


We will return your ultrasound photo to you in a card, inside of your gift wrapped packages. It is our pleasure to be part of your special day. Thank you for the privilege!


4. Share your pics

Of course this is optional, but we just love to see pictures from your special surprise moment. Please reach out and let us know how it went at!

DELIVERY INFO: Please allow us two full weeks from the time we have received your ultrasound or secret results in the mail.