Bryce Canyon Campers Swaddle Blanket


I can almost smell the crisp morning air when you wake up in the great outdoors on a memorable camping trip. The set was inspired by a recent trip we took to Bryce Canyon in Utah, but of course there are hundreds of parks across this country that we are blessed with to behold this kind of beauty. Which one does this take your memories to? I bet you can’t wait to take your new baby boy there when he gets older.

Where ever your dreams of the outdoors take you, may the fresh white softness of this blanket and the beautiful nature of the pines bring you many happy snuggles as you rock him off to sweet slumber in his outdoor theme nursery. Nothing, of course will make you as happy as seeing his name all over this swaddle blanket as you pack it up in your bag to take to the hospital for his first photos.

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