Easton’s Wildlife Lovie Hand Held Cuddly Toy Taggie Blanket


Brand New Lovies Are Here!

Something to hold and snuggle  while they drive in the car, or drift off to dreamland, these lovies are the perfect gift. I’ve put 4 ribbon tags at the bottom for a little texture to crinkle in tiny hands while fading away to slumber.

I have a feeling you will soon come back to order your second one because Day Care centers adore these personalized Lovies as well. Nobody forgets whose security blanket is whose with the name printed on the front!

❤️ Front and Back made from furry, soft, cozy fabric called Minky Fur.

❤️This is a small square of 16.5 x 16.5. Please don’t confuse it with an actual blanket.

❤️Ideal for kids up to 4 years old.

❤️ We are happy to include a special hand written note for you if you are sending as a gift!

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